101 Pat-Downs Coming May 2021

On average, two million people fly commercially every day* in the U.S., and every single passenger must go through airport security.

Have you ever considered what it’s like to work as a TSA officer and deal with thousands and thousands of passengers every single day? Have you ever wondered we have to take off our shoes in order to fly? Or how airport security transformed from a quick pass through the metal detector to the complicated, cumbersome, invasive process it is today? Then 101-Pat-Downs is the book for you.

101 Pat-Downs is the first book to offer an inside exploration of the Transportation Security Administration, from the perspective of passengers and TSA officers. Part confessional tale, part investigative research, and part light-hearted social commentary, it presents the inside scoop on airport security showing the hilarious, horrible, and mundane sides of the TSA. Along the way, it offers “pro travel tip” suggestions for making communication in airport security easier.

101 Pat-downs is a perfect traveler’s companion for navigating what one TSO interviewee described as the nation’s “second most hated government agency” (after the IRS, that is). And takeaways from the book can translate to other emotion-charged scenarios where people are forced to communicate with authority figures, such as traffic stops, court appointments, and doctors’ visits.

The book will be coming to a retailer near you in May 2021!

*In non-pandemic times!

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